Did You Know?

Lemons vs. Your Teeth

Using Lemons to Whiten your Teeth

There has been a lot of articles about using lemon to whiten your teeth. What you may not know is that acidic food always has the potential to weaken your enamel and allow your teeth to decay. Unfortunately, even foods that are otherwise very healthy for you, like citrus fruits, have this potential.

Lemons are a particularly strong offender in this sense; lemon juice is responsible for the most dental damage of any citrus fruit in a scientific study. When you add the copious amounts of sugar that is generally paired with lemonade and similar lemon-related treats, you’ve got a very potent tooth-rotter.

When you enjoy lemonade or fruity drinks, consider following your drink by rinsing out with a drink of water. Don’t brush right away, as your enamel needs at least twenty minutes to remineralize. Keep this up, and get your regular cleanings with our Lynnwood dentist, and you’ll be able to stave off tooth decay without having to give up citrus.