Did You Know?

Do You Need to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are frequently the last teeth to erupt in your mouth, generally appearing as you enter adulthood. Our Lynnwood dental clinic offers wisdom tooth extractions, which are common and simple procedures that many adults have to go through. However, the idea that wisdom teeth must necessarily be removed is a common misconception.

If you have wisdom teeth, consider the impact they have on your mouth. Have they come in crooked? Are they crowding your other teeth, throwing your bite out of alignment or putting strain on your jaw? Finally, how easy is it for you to care for these teeth? If their position makes brushing and flossing an ordeal, they could quickly turn into a hotbed of bacteria that could ruin your entire mouth. Any of these conditions can make you a candidate for a wisdom tooth removal. If you think you could live comfortably with your wisdom teeth, however, then you may very well be one of the lucky ones.

Call our office to schedule your own wisdom tooth extraction, or to explore your options with your wisdom teeth.


White Fillings: the Clear Choice over Silver

At Song’s Lynnwood dental clinic, we favor the newer, composite fillings over amalgam. Not only do they look better, blending in with the white of your teeth, but they’re also a lot less controversial.

The biggest issue regarding the silver amalgam fillings is their mercury content. These fillings are generally about fifty percent mercury, which is by itself a highly toxic material. For a long time the FDA maintained that the mercury in amalgam fillings is safe, but in light of recent lawsuits in the past decade they have been forced to acknowledge that mercury vapors that may be released in the process of installing an amalgam filling could have a harmful effect on developing fetuses or anyone with a particular sensitivity to mercury.

Though controversy continues on the topic, and amalgam continues to be used in about thirty percent of dental fillings, Song Dental Center is happy to offer a safe and effective alternative to you and your family. When it’s time to go under the drill, make the secure choice and call our Lynnwood dentist for a composite filling.