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Healthy Teeth Tips From Lynnwood Dental Hygienist

Top Advice in Oral Hygiene

Even if you have the most thorough professional dental cleaning every 6 months or so, if don’t do much for oral hygiene in the remaining 363 days of the year, good dental health may not be pretty much achieved.

Veteran dental hygienists give the top oral hygiene tips of all time.

  1. Fight bacteria with brushing, flossing and rinses. Bacteria is the culprit in tooth decay and gum disease. Don’t put off flossing during the day; no barriers should keep you from it.
  2. Keep dental appointments faithfully. Twice a year professional cleanings are an essential part of dental visits. Missing only one can make things really tough for teeth and gums to handle.
  3. Floss thoroughly. It takes time and a lot of practice to be thorough. Brushing alone is not enough which takes care of top surfaces and sides of teeth, but not the in-betweens.
  4. White teeth is not always a sign of healthy teeth. Color does not necessarily matter, just like skin tone.
  5. Drinking water is better than coffee and sodas. While coffee can stain and both coffee and sodas are acidic to the enamel, limit them considerably and stick to plain water.
  6. Clean the tongue by scraping or brushing it. Use one direction only, or you’ll gag. Bacteria can live on your tongue. Want to have fresh breath? Clean the tongue daily.
  7. Spend quality time with your toothbrush. Brush twice daily, spending a good 2 minutes at the least per brushing session. Do routinely, in the morning when waking up, in the evening before bedtime.
  8. Have the oral exam. At twice a year visits, one must ask for a thorough oral exam. Screening can detect early cavities, gingivitis, oral cancer and other suspicious changes in the gums, tongue, soft tissue, jawbone, and throat. Early detection can save lives.
  9. Take care of your teeth and gums well and you can avoid wearing dentures.
  10. There is no excuse not to have a clean mouth. With all the dental aids and dental products available, like water flossers and air flossers, power toothbrushes and dental picks, there is no reason not to be able to attain clean and healthy teeth and gums. The better to smile with.

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