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Root Canal: Misconceptions and Truths

Facing Root Canal Squarely

So your dentist is recommending a root canal for you. You start feeling uncomfortable because you’ve heard a lot of bad news regarding the procedure. Actually, you have no idea at all. But you worry about what you know – the pain, the inconvenience, the upcoming illness, the cost. Because of these, you either will think seriously about tooth extraction or adopt the let’s-wait-and-see stance.

The common misconceptions about root canal are causing many patients to stay clear of a widely accepted and trust-worthy restorative procedure that has helped millions of patients already. 15 percent of people in the U.S. avoid seeking critical dental procedures like root canals due to common myths about the therapy.

Root canal or endodontic therapy is considered the most feared of all dental procedures, yet it’s a much better option than extracting a tooth. Root canal therapy is the most common of endodontic procedures as it is very safe and effective. Every day, root canal procedures are performed in the U.S., relieving patients from tooth pain and decreasing their risk of dental complications from tooth infections and abscesses.

Root canal used to be a painful procedure, but not anymore. With modern technology and anesthetic techniques, root canals are pain-free, quicker procedures. Another myth is that the procedure causes illness. This false claim was based on long-debunked and poorly designed research nearly a century ago, long before modern medicine understood the causes of many diseases.

There is no valid, scientific evidence linking root canal to disease elsewhere in the body. One more myth is that tooth extraction is better. Replacing an extracted tooth with a bridge or implant requires more time in treatment and may result in further procedures to neighboring teeth and supporting tissue.

Root Canal in Lynnwood: In Expert Hands

Lynnwood dentistry offers laser assisted root canal utilizing laser technology to disinfect and sterilize the root canals for optimal treatment. Reap the benefits of the best in pain suppression and root canal procedures and the most caring of professional staff in Lynnwood.