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Should All Four Wisdom Teeth Go At Once?

Wisdom Teeth Dilemma: Staying or Going

Third molars, also called wisdom teeth, are infamous for being trouble-makers. In many cases, wisdom teeth grow in impacted, not always straight in their positions. As such, they can cause damage to other teeth and their irregular angle of growth can crowd other teeth in the mouth. Their very posterior location in the arch makes them difficult to clean; the toothbrush often do not reach them adequately. If they didn’t grow in straight, all the more are they difficult to clean. Hence, they can trap food debris that cause plaque build-up. Susceptible to caries, the wisdom teeth increase your risk for gingivitis and periodontal disease.

With the risk involved, dentist often recommend extraction. But should the teeth be perfect in their place, straight in position and are healthy, there is no need to take them out. Only those that will present problems are candidates for removal.

If all four third molars should prove problematic, then all should be extracted. Will it be wise to have them all removed in one sitting or should that be at different times?

You might be worried about the pain and trauma to your tissues, your recovery time, especially the time it will take you to get back to your normal routine, if you should opt for the surgery one time only. This is not to mention how those open wounds will affect your food intake and speech facility. Actually, it is a wiser choice to have it done all together.

Multiple visits to the dental surgeon will cost you more in fees, anesthesia, hours and time off from your regular routine because of the inconvenience. Discomfort and not pain may be an issue with you but whether that’s one or four extractions does not differ much in discomfort.

The wound sites usually heal within about three to five days, and the gums are completely recovered within a few weeks. The better to have them done at once as you save more resources this way. Your dentist-surgeon will advise you anyway to prepare yourself for the appointed day, including stocking up on the prescribed soft foods you need during your recovery and that somebody can take you home after the procedure which may leave you groggy or dizzy, post-anesthesia. Follow your dentist’s instructions faithfully to have a safe and uneventful recovery.

Best Wisdom Teeth Extraction Options

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