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Wisdom Teeth: To Extract or Not To Extract

The Problem With Wisdom Teeth

You ask anyone who had to pay a visit to the dentist to pull their wisdom teeth out are not just being told so by their dentists only, but time and again, the molars are proving to be a nuisance. They are dreaded for a variety of reasons – from being painful to causing tooth decay, gum infection, and even tumors. For many, the cost for extraction is worth it.

Wisdom teeth have been around since the beginning of man. Our ancient ancestors used their wisdom teeth the same way we use our other eight molars – to grind food. Though that was when their diet was so tough – raw meat and plants that were so fibrous and hard to chew. All their molars were needed for them to be able to eat and survive.

Wisdom teeth usually grows in when you’re in your late teens, and by that time, the other 28 teeth have taken up all the available space in the dental arch. As such, they get trapped or impacted in your jaw, making them grow in at odd angles and press against back molars, causing pain and swelling. They may be difficult to clean, tooth brushing unable to reach them They can create food traps, attracting bacteria and causing infection and tooth decay, eventually, gum disease, if left untreated. Since tooth decay will eventually destroy wisdom teeth, it seems reasonable enough to take them out.

Resolving Reasonably in Lynnwood

If you have all your wisdom teeth, whether you’re experiencing issues with them or not, or if they’re coming in right now, do have a consult with our dentist in Lynnwood. We can give you advice on possible issues that may arise, including determining early the path of eruption.